Legendary Media Personality, Civil Activist, Educator, Author, and Speaker

Lavonia Perryman
the lavonia perryman radio show

Meet Lavonia Perryman

Since the 1980’s Lavonia has combined her media experience with a passion for politics.  Lavonia’s broadcast journalist career was launched at WTVS, Channel 56 and WCAR radio in Detroit. She went to anchor the news for the Mutual Black Network in Washington DC. Later she was hired as the executive director of America’s Black Forum when the ABF received an Emmy for its Reverend Jesse Jackson special.

Lavonia Perryman Show

Monday through Friday, from 4:00-6:00 p.m., you can hear Perryman discussing everything from the latest hot button political issues to sports and entertainment. Guests from around the world clamor to get a spot on The Lavonia Perryman show.

Award Winning Personality

Lavonia is the recipient of several awards, including the Detroit’s “Spirit of Detroit” Citizens Award, Detroit’s Women in Radio and Television “Media Woman of the Year”, Ms. Black America, Ms. Black Michigan, Ms. Black Congeniality, and Ms. Soul of Detroit plus Who’s Who’s in Media.


I enjoyed the show today everyone made excellent points today I even learned a new information at 60 years old today so I I always try to remain teachable anyway I look forward to listening again I've got to cut out now have a good evening everybody

Cynthia Clark

Love your show! The Guest as always awesome and the topics are imformative. I make sure I stay tuned it.

Alice Bosworth Miller