Lavonia Perryman courageous women

Courageous Women Find Strength During the Storm: This anthology book was birthed by Reinvention Strategist and BreakFree Coach, Dr. Missy Johnson. Dr. Missy survived a three-percent chance of living and forty-seven days in a coma from a near-death experience, the result of an infection in her body. After she came home from the hospital, she asked God what did He want her to do and she would do it. Through the birthing of Fearless Women Rock, her women’s empowerment company, she will collaborate with one thousand authors to tell their story, one woman at a time. In this book, you will read stories from thirteen women who decided to write their personal testimonies of going from tragedy to triumph. Welcome to Fearless Women Rock, Volume One: Courageous Women Find Strength During the Storm. These stories will show women how to reinvent, recover, and rebuild their lives from where they are in life today. If you have ever felt like giving up, like you were stuck in life, of you need a coach or accountability, this book is for you. You are not alone in your storm. Remember, never give up! Keep moving because greater is coming if you hold on. Let FAITH be your guide and trust the process.